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[detail level 123]
 mf_abort.sasAbort gracefully according to context
 mf_existds.sasChecks whether a dataset OR a view exists
 mf_existvar.sasChecks if a variable exists in a data set
 mf_existvarlist.sasChecks if a set of variables ALL exist in a data set
 mf_getattrn.sasReturns a numeric attribute of a dataset
 mf_getengine.sasReturns the engine type of a SAS library
 mf_getkeyvalue.sasRetrieves a key value pair from a control dataset
 mf_getquotedstr.sasAdds custom quotes / delimiters to a space delimited string
 mf_getuser.sasReturns &sysuserid in Workspace session, &_secureusername in Stored Process session
 mf_getvarcount.sasReturns number of variables in a dataset
 mf_getvarformat.sasReturns the format of a variable
 mf_getvarlist.sasReturns dataset variable list direct from header
 mf_getvarnum.sasReturns the position of a variable in dataset (varnum attribute)
 mf_getvartype.sasReturns variable type - Character (C) or Numeric (N)
 mf_mkdir.sasCreates a directory, including any intermediate directories
 mf_nobs.sasReturns number of logical (undeleted) observations
 mf_uid.sasCreates a Unique ID based on system time in a friendly format
 mf_verifymacvars.sasChecks if a set of macro variables exist / contain values
 mf_wordsinstr1butnotstr2.sasReturns words that are in string 1 but not in string 2
 mp_binarycopy.sasCopy any file using binary input / output streams
 mp_dirlist.sasReturns all files and subdirectories within a specified parent
 mp_dropmembers.sasDrops tables / views (if they exist) without warnings in the log
 mp_ds2cards.sasCreate a CARDS file from a SAS dataset
 mp_getmaxvarlengths.sasScans a dataset to find the max length of the variable values
 mp_lib2cards.sasConvert all library members to CARDS files
 mp_perflog.sasLogs the time the macro was executed in a control dataset
 mp_searchdata.sasSearches all character data in a library for a particular string
 mp_setkeyvalue.sasLogs a key value pair a control dataset
 mm_assigndirectlib.sasAssigns library directly using details from metadata
 mm_assignlib.sasAssigns a library using meta engine via LIBREF
 mm_createstp.sasCreate a type 1 Stored Process (9.2 compatible)
 mm_getdirectories.sasReturns a dataset with the meta directory object for a physical path
 mm_getgroupmembers.sasCreates dataset with all members of a metadata group
 mm_getgroups.sasCreates dataset with all groups or just those for a particular user
 mm_getlibs.sasCreates a dataset with all metadata libraries
 mm_getstps.sasReturns a dataset with all Stored Processes, or just those in a particular folder / with a particular name
 mm_gettree.sasReturns the metadata path and object from either the path or object